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IMX6 QuadPlus CSI0 Test Mode Drivers

Question asked by mert can ergun on Jul 19, 2016
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I have to start by saying that I'm new to Linux Programming.

Currently I am on a project to write a driver for a custom imaging device but before that I am trying to write a CSI0 Test Driver to see the Chess Board Image to test with my gstreamer pipelines.

I am reading "I.MX BSP Porting Guide 03/2016" Section 7 for guidelines but some parts are not clear for me:


When you set the TEST_GEN_MODE register, the device is in test mode, which is used

for debugging. The CSI generates a frame automatically and sends it to one of the

destination units. The sent frame is a chess board composed of black and configured

color squares. The configured color is set with the registers PG_B_VALUE,

PG_G_VALUE, and PG_R_VALUE. The data can be sent in different frequencies

according to the configuration of DIV_RATIO register.

When CSI is in test mode, configure the CSI unit with a similar configuration to the

described settings in the following table. Call ipu_csi_init_interface() to configure the

CSI interface protocol, formats, and features.


This paragraph directs me to set a register but doesn't tell me how to do that. Following the same documents it leads me to think that to set the mentioned register, I need to make a new file in a folder that I can't really find in my project and implement some functions. The closest directory that I found was "{BUILDDIR}/tmp/work-shared/imx6qpsabresd/kernel-source/drivers/media/platform/mxc/capture/"


To add a new camera sensor entry on the Kconfig camera file, perform the following


1. Enter the following command into the display specific folder:

$ cd linux/drivers/media/video/mxc/capture

2. Open the Kconfig file:

$ gedit Kconfig &

3. Add the entry where you want it to appear:


tristate "IPUv3 CSI0 test mode camera support"



If you plan to use the IPUv3 CSI0 in test mode with your MXC

system, say Y here.


Again, following the document.


Create a file with the required panel-specific functions in the following path:


The camera file-ipuv3_csi0_chess.c-must include the functions described in table below

and may include additional functions and macros required for your driver.


And it gives me a list of functions without giving information about their implementation.

Also after creating the test mode driver. I understand that I'm supposed to modify Kconfig files and make files. After doing these steps how will I compile the kernel?