Byte content differs in ISR routine

Discussion created by mylim on Jun 11, 2008
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Hi, I'm having some problem with my code
1.when i 'lda' my TXBUF+1 which is TXBUF,X in my isr routine i keep getting a different value as shown in my memory (not as what i wanted). - (2_isr.jpg)
2.Therefore, I tried doing it before the isr occurs, I managed to get the correct value as in the memory.
(1_b4 isr.jpg)
3.similiarly, the isr occur & i didn't get what i wanted. (2_isr.jpg)
4.However, after the isr & I trigger the similiar routine in step 1 i dont seem to be able to get the value similiar to the mamory anymore. (3_after isr.jpg)
Please advise.
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