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MC56F827xx IEC60730 class B questions

Question asked by Larry Yang Employee on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Larry Yang

In AN4772, which introduces the IEC 60730 safety routines for household appliances. The sample code of 'IEC60730B_DSC_SafetyRoutines 1.0'  demonstrates the basic functions of IEC60730 CALSS B, which only run once before running main application algorithm, but in the actual application of the customer, they need to check the proper function of FLASH memory, RAM and registers at any time. My questions are:

(1) In order to check the proper functioning of RAM and register during the user codes are running, compared with the sample code, what changes need to be made?

(2) Is there any customer who already used the Class B code in the mass production?

Attached code is used for washing machine inverter board control safety routine, the FLASH memory, RAM and registers are checked at any time. We encountered an issue that when the RAM or registers check are running, sometimes the motor running will be affected and cause the current waveform exception, could you help check the code?


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