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SPI interfacing code for frdm-ke06z

Question asked by Shailav Surve on Jul 18, 2016
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I want to read data of my slave device which is at register address 0x00 through SPI. I am trying to develop the code using PE. I am attaching my code with this. Can anyone give me suggesstions?

My slave device has following data at register address 0x00

src_addr[dest_addr[0]] = 0x3b;

  src_addr[dest_addr[1]] = 0xea;

src_addr[dest_addr[2]] = 0x01;

  src_addr[dest_addr[3]] = 0x00;

  src_addr[dest_addr[4]] = 0x81;

  src_addr[dest_addr[5]] = 0x22;

  src_addr[dest_addr[6]] = 0xFE;

  src_addr[dest_addr[7]] = 0x45;

  src_addr[dest_addr[8]] = 0x00;

src_addr[dest_addr[9]] = 0x31;

src_addr[dest_addr[10]] = 0xC1;

  src_addr[dest_addr[11]] = 0x73;

  src_addr[dest_addr[12]] = 0xc8;

  src_addr[dest_addr[13]] = 0x40;

  src_addr[dest_addr[14]] = 0x00;

  src_addr[dest_addr[15]] = 0x00;

  src_addr[dest_addr[16]] = 0x90;

  src_addr[dest_addr[17]] = 0x00;

  src_addr[dest_addr[18]] = 0x7A;*/


I want to read this with my master frdm-board. I am first trying to develop pe code for frdm-kl25z. But my actual project requires to develop spi code for frdm-ke06z. So any help with both the controllers or any will be appreciated.



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