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How to use the EPDC on the iMX6SLEVK

Question asked by Miao Bai on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by Artur Petukhov

     I need to drive a EPD with the iMX6SLEVK.  I connect the pins to EPDC expansion port on iMX6SLEVK as follow .

      EPD  pins                                                        ------  iMX6SLEVK expansion port

      VCOM                                                              ------  EPDC_VCOM0

      BORDER                                                        ------  EPDC_BDR0

      D0~D15                                                           ------  EPDC_D0~EPDC_D15

      CKH(clock source driver)                                ------ EPDC_SDCLK_P

      LEH(latch enable source driver)                      ------ EPDC_SDLE

      OEH(output enable source driver)                  ------ EPDC_SDOE

      STH(start pulse source driver)                        ------ ?

     MODE1(output mode selection gate driver)     ------ ?

     STV(start pulse gate driver)                              ------ EPDC_GDSP

     CKV(clock gate driver)                                      ------ EPDC_GDCLK


Now,my questions :

1     There are two pins I don't know how to connect.

2     Is right the other pins out?

3    How to use the last some pins on EPDC expansion port on iMX6SLEVK like EPDC_PWRCTRL  EPDC_SDCE etc?

4   Where can I find the reference design of the IMXEBOOKDC3-E?

Thank you!