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FRDM-K82F PIT triggering hardfault when used with FLEXIO Uart

Question asked by Lalit Kumar on Jul 16, 2016
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I'm implementing flexio uart with pit, but the board is going into hard fault at the first call of enable interrupt or setting timer. I am initializing PIT in my main:

void pit_init(void)
    pit_config_t        pitConfig;

    PIT_Init(PIT, &pitConfig);


Then in a library file I'm initializing Flexio UART and PIT interrupts.


    PORT_SetPinMux(PORTB, SIM808_PWR, kPORT_MuxAsGpio);

    PIT_SetTimerPeriod(PIT, kPIT_Chnl_0, MSEC_TO_COUNT(1000000U, PIT_SOURCE_CLOCK));

    PIT_EnableInterrupts(PIT, kPIT_Chnl_0, kPIT_TimerInterruptEnable);



Here is my uart_init:

void uart_init(void)
    flexio_uart_config_t        uart_config;

    uart_dev.flexioBase            = BOARD_FLEXIO_BASE;
    uart_dev.RxPinIndex            = SIM808_RX;
    uart_dev.TxPinIndex            = SIM808_TX;
    uart_dev.shifterIndex[0]    = 2U;
    uart_dev.shifterIndex[1]    = 3U;
    uart_dev.timerIndex[0]        = 2U;
    uart_dev.timerIndex[1]        = 3U;

    FLEXIO_UART_Init(&uart_dev, &uart_config, FLEXIO_CLOCK_FREQUENCY);
    FLEXIO_UART_TransferCreateHandle(&uart_dev, &g_uart_handle, gsm_uart_event_handler, NULL);


The exact code where hard fault triggers is "base->CHANNEL[channel].LDVAL = count;".  Also is there any example for Parallel Transmit on FLEXIO Bus, please point me to that.

Thanks in advance for help