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I2C read problem ke02z

Question asked by Suraj KA on Jul 16, 2016


I am using ke02z custom board. I have problem reading with DS1307 on board. I2C connected to I2C0, SDA PTA2, SCL PTA3. I had no problem with processor expert component DS1307. Now I am trying to move out of PE project because of the large library size after initializing all the peripherals. The problem is that I cannot read from I2C.

My code is as below.


sI2C_Config.u16Slt = 0;
sI2C_Config.u16F = 0x1F;
sI2C_Config.sSetting.bIntEn = 0;
sI2C_Config.sSetting.bI2CEn = 1;

I2C_Init(I2C0,&sI2C_Config );

I2C_MasterReadWait(I2C0, 0x68, &dsbuffer[0], 9);


I am getting random values when reading. The reading also corrupts first 3 address locations in ds1307. (0x00, 0x01, 0x02).

I am running in FEE mode, external crystal 32khz, configured to run at 16.7MHz. I tried some other values of I2C Frequency Divider Register. Still getting random values and corrupting target. I have attached my project. DS1307 address is 0x68. I need to read values from address 0x00 to 0x09h. I also tried the interrupt mode . I have attached the project. I started the project from example file in driver_lib. Using KDS 3.2.

Please help. Thank you.

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