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char device driver

Question asked by vishnu prasad on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by vishnu prasad

I have the following questions

1. I am using custom board using MPC8309. I want to develop char device driver in LTIB environment. I have looked at watchdog timer example in drivers directory. Please explain the commands required to compile a device driver in LTIB?

Where to locate the source file , ie. driver and application program (within the source tree or outside)?

2. Assuming that the code is compiled (*.o) with the procedures as per step 1, how to transfer the compiled file to the target?( Uboot and kernel is ported to the board)

3. If step2 is successful, what is the procedure to auto load the application at start up without downloading to the target?

4. I get error running .ltib -c while configuring kernel as it expects the network connectivity for installing some files (eg hello world modules). I checked at several forums and I learnt that .librc need to be modified in order to correct network connectivity problem( my internet is OK). Please help me to locate the librc file?