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Why the usb OTG controller can't get the SLI interrupt when usb device is connected to USB1.1 host

Question asked by liu xing on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by liu xing

Hi all,

    when I make the USB OTG Port of IMX28 as device mode and connect to USB1.1 Host,It can't get the "DC Suspend" interrupt when I remove usb cable.However,This test work well when the usb device is connected to USB 2.0 Host.


     some register value of usb controller is as follows:  

    USB 2.0    test

Before removing usb cable
0x08200E20(HW_USBCTRL_OTGSC),  0x18000205(HW_USBCTRL_PORTSC1),0x00000080(HW_USBCTRL_USBSTS)

  After removing usb cable,and can get interrupt



USB1.1 test

Before removing usb cable

0x08202E20(HW_USBCTRL_OTGSC),0x10000805(HW_USBCTRL_PORTSC1), 0x00010080(HW_USBCTRL_USBSTS)

  After removing usb cable,and can't get interrupt