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iMX 6UL Power Consumption Measurement

Question asked by Jonathan Li on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Jakub Kužílek

I'm measuring the voltage drop off R705 (SPF-29090_C schematics) to see the power consumption off the coin-cell battery.  I turn on the board with DC adapter and coin cell both plugged in and then after bootup, I disconnect the DC adapter. The  measurement over the 1K resistor at R705 was 115mV which is higher than we'd like. 


From AN5170 - App Note - I.MX 6Ul Power Consumption Measurement 4.4 Notes.  They suggested switching boot_mode[1:0] to 2b'00 after system boot up.  I did this and the measurement off of R705 is now 85mV.


It also suggested to remove U2101 and leave the Tamper Pins floating.  I do both of these things and no change.

I also tried removing R761 to see if it would make any difference.  The measure off of R705 is now 56mV.  Is it possible to tie this pin to DCDC_3v3 instead?


The first thing on the note section is:  1. POR_B pin setting: GPBIT[1:0] set to 2b’01;

Can anyone please explain what this means?  I'm hoping this is the key to saving a bit more power?


Thanks in advance,