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Migrating from KL03Z to KL03Z32VFG4

Discussion created by Dan Marzahl on Jul 16, 2016
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Hello!  I am new to working with the KL03Z and could use some tips.  Anything will help!


I have a program working on the KL03Z reference board and am trying to migrate to a custom board with the 16 pin KL03Z32VFG4.   I used the debugging trick mentioned in the ref board users guide (cut trace at J6 and hook to J7).  This has allowed offboard OpenSDA debugging.   I still get "Warning 17927. Target MCU mismatch.", even though I have changed the chip type in properties from KL03Z32VFK4 to VFG4.    However, the program seems to be debugging just fine (although a bit slower than the ref board).   The problem I have now is that when I call EnableIRQ() my program just hangs.  Forcing a break shows signal handler called at 0xfffffff9.   If I go back to the ref board, my code runs just fine.


I have found other similar posts in here where people have changed the processor.S file FOPT register to disable non maskable interrupts.   I did this (changed from default of 0x3F to 0x39, but this didn't change anything.   I'm not sure what might be happening here. 


Also, I found it strange that with the offboard chip, that it does not seem to be running my program when I apply power.

With the reference board, it always runs whatever program I debugged last on power up (even without KDS loaded)

This makes me wonder if the chip is even being flashed correctly?  It says "Programmed. Checksum Verification Successful."  I must be missing something here.  If I could at least program the device and run it without the debugger, I could determine whether my problem is in the code, or a side effect of trying to use the OpenSDA debugger built in to the ref board.