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can't work TWR-K20D72M low power mode

Question asked by Bhavin Maru on Jul 15, 2016
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I am working with TWR-K20D72M EVM board as controller and i am working on Low Power Mode.

from the below link i download the TWR-K20D72M's sample codes


in those sample codes there is also low power mode's sample code that code i have used.

different low power modes are given below :


wait : wait,VLPW

stop : stop,VLPS,LLS

power down : VLLS1,VLLS2,VLLS3


to test all the above low power mode sample code is given in the code which i have downloaded from the

above link.

in that code board's SW1 switch is used as wakeup source but i want to use LPTMR interrupt as wakeup source.

below i attached all my code's files.i also configured LLWU unit to wakeup using LPTMR after 9 seconds.

i used board's blue LED which will turn on when controller is wakeup after going in LLS mode(because in my

application i want that controller will go in LLS mode).this code works and controller go in LLS

mode and after 9 seconds controller is wakeup and also board's blue LED is ON.please try to solve my below



-- controller is wakeup using LPTMR timer & also blue LED is turn ON but on terminal window it continuously

  display " ****default_isr entered on vector 3***** " i found that vector 3 is Hard Fault.


please give me any suggestion so that i can solve this fault or give me any other sample code for low power mode.


Thank You


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