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PN7150 interfacing with PIC/AVR

Question asked by N.Chandra Sekhar on Jul 15, 2016
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we are building an standalone NFC Reader which can read Type-A ,Type-B cards and store the data on to some SPI/I2C EEPROM for access controlling. we are planning to use PN7150 along with any PIC micro-controller or AVR Microcontoller.while researching on the same, we have difficulties finding the library for PN7150.can any one help us clarifying the following doubts

1.can PN7150 be used with low end micro-controllers like PIC /AVR.

2.mostly PN532 library is available for arduino environment.does the same Library works for the PN7150 (only need Poll with automatic detection of Type-A/B cards and READ operations)

3.whats the current consumption of PN7150

4.How difficult is to design the antenna matching there any balun chips available for simplifying the antenna matching circuit

5.any firmware examples with respect to 8bit controllers?

6.we are planning to use NFC antennas readly this.. ..can any help available related to proper matching of antenna circuitry there any limitations about antenna matching components packaging..example (0201,0402,0603 etc)..we are planning to use 0201 or 0402 components..



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