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uLink Pro (without 'D') and i.MX6 - can it be used? For what can it be used? What is needed?

Question asked by Martin Maurer on Jul 15, 2016
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I have a uLinkPro (without 'D') from a previous ARM Cortex-M4 project with KEIL uVision.

Now using i.MX6. Can the debugger be re-used? Can uVision still be used for it?

Or must I use DS-5?

I already installed and tried to get DS-5 up and running,

but found no hint/reference to uLinkPro, only e.g. DStream, (remote) gdb.

How can it be used? Is there some configuration menu? Some additional software needed?

Is there some example, which shows how to use it together with IMX6?


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