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Issue facing between MK20DX128VLL7 and PE micro Multilink Universal

Question asked by Bhavin Maru on Jul 16, 2016
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We are working on custom board having MK20DX128VLL7 controller and PE micro Multilink Universal to download the program and IAR Embedded work bench software for

programming.Here we have used SWD protocol for download firmware. i can't download program in MK20DX128VLL7 and IAREW shows me the error.

Please check below pin connection between MK20DX128VLL7 controller and PE micro Multilink Universal



MK20DX128VLL7 controller Pin Name PE micro Multilink Universal pin name(port B)



  SWD_DIO is connected to SWD_DIO(pin 7)

  SWD_CLK is connected to SWD_CLK(pin 9)

  RESET_B is connected to RESET_B(pin 15)


  Note: 1. we have checked SWD_DIO pin with and without pullup resistor 10K.

  2.  Giving external 3.3V power supply to MK20DX128VLL7 controller

  3.  We have checked EZP_CS_b with pull up and pull down resistor for normal and EZport mode


please see the detailed screenshot of error and i also send the IAREW's  setting's screenshot.

Here target detection yellow LED did not turn ON.

Please help us for above query.



Any help in this case, it will be appreciated.



Thank You


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