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does USDPAA of B4860QDS support multicast and  how can i implement it?

Question asked by xun xiao on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by xun xiao

I have found some multicast APIs from USDPAA demo as follows:

      int dpa_classif_mcast_group_create(struct dpa_cls_mcast_group_params
             *mcast_group_params, int *grpd);
      int dpa_classif_mcast_free_group(int grpd);
      int dpa_classif_mcast_add_member(int grpd,
      struct dpa_cls_tbl_enq_action_desc member_params, int *md);
      int dpa_classif_mcast_remove_member(int grpd, int md);

but none of them have been called in USDPAA demo, I want to know how to use these APIs to implement multicast,can you provide me with some demos,and if i should modify the files as follows: