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Why I can't see the /dev/sd* after loading the mfg os with imx usb loader?

Question asked by Manuel Malagon on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Manuel Malagon

Hello everybody.


I have been able to successfully load the manufacturing u-boot, kernel, initramfs and dtb using imx_usb_loader and my board is booting into the manufacturing linux image. Nevertheless I can't see the /dev/sd* SD card device that I'm supposed to be seeing and therefore I can't send UTP commands to the board to flash my application image.


When using the MFGTool in Windows I can see in the tool messages that after executing the mfg OS downloading, the board becomes a USB Mass Storage Device, but I can't see that in linux. I can't use windows mfg tool and that is why I need to make it work on linux.


After comparing both serial console logs from the board when downloading the mfg OS with either MFGTool or imx_usb_loader I can see that they are the same (I'm using the same MFG files for testing the MFGTool and imx_usb_loader).


Does anybody know what is happening? Why I can see the USB mass storage device in windows but not in Linux?