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About uboot2014 support Android

Question asked by jiongzhong liu on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by igorpadykov

I want to use uboot2014 to support android(4.2.2) from SD card.The CPU is IMX6Q

First I change the UBOOT_DIR_TOP/borads.cfg file:

  Active  arm         armv7          mx6         freescale       mx6sabresd          mx6qsabresd                                mx6sabresd:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/imx/ddr/mx6q_4x_mt41j128.cfg,MX6Q,DEFAULT_FDT_FILE="imx6q-sabresd_nt.dtb",DDR_MB=1024,SYS_USE_SPINOR,ANDROID_SUPPORT


And I reference "Android_User's_Guide",use android source's script "" to make my SD card.


After booting, the uboot log is:

Hit any key to stop autoboot:0

mmc1 is current device

** Unrecognized filesystem type **

** Unrecognized filesystem type **

Booting from net ...

*** ERROR:'ethaddr',not set***

*** ERROR:'ethaddr',not set***

Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!


Is anything else I shall change if the uboot2014 can support IMX6Q android