Sending from JN5168-001-M06 via USB

Discussion created by TSS TSS on Jul 12, 2016

Hello everyone!


I am using a JN5168 radio in an embedded device and connected to my PC. The software on the JN5168 chip is very simple: it just sends the data over the radio if I send a string over the UART in the format of ">{text}\n", and outputs any received data over the UART preceded by the "<" symbol. Additionally, when transmitting, the radio responds on the UART with the text "XMIT {x} bytes". This same radio code runs on the radio in the embedded device and on the radio connected to my PC.


When I send data over the UART from my embedded device, the radio transmits that data just fine and the radio connected to my PC outputs that transmission.

When I attempt to transmit data from the PC side, it does not seem to be transmitted. I get the "XMIT 14 bytes" message, however another radio connected to my PC does not pick that transmission up.


I'm wondering if I have to do something different when connected via USB to the PC? I know I have a transmit amp on the embedded device that I turn on, however I don't see any indication of that on the JN5168 chip other than setting power level (which I have set to maximum).


Thanks for any help!