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Problem with I2C communication on a custom LPC1778 Board

Question asked by Vijay Vaidya on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by Carlos_Mendoza

System Description:


We have a custom LPC1778 board. We have connected a FerroRam chip

MB85RC256V to I2C0 Bus. The I2C clock rate is 100kHz.

The system has one Timer Interrupt coming at every 2ms and

interrupt load as about 200uS.


We are using CMSIS V2.00 lpc177x_8x libraries for handling

I2C communication. Basically we are calling

"I2C_MasterTransferData(...)" function with

required parameters. The I2C is used in POLLING mode. The calls to

the library function are made from the Main Program. The program is

required to write and read the memeory in blocks of 64Bytes.


Surely the Timer Interrupt, interrupts the library call.




After the system starts we observe some values getting written

at the non-addressed locations.




If we disable interrupt across the library call, everything works fine.


1. I2C Specs does not talk about any timeouts.


2. What are we missing, Which part of the driver is required to be immutable.


Any help will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Vijay Vaidya