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IMX6Q is not powering up due to issue with XTALO

Question asked by Ali Elseddeek on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Ali Elseddeek

Dear Community,


I am working on bringing up IMX6Q using my cutsom board but I encountered a problem.


For the crystal oscillator 24MHZ  it is supposed to connects its XTALI and XTALO to my external crystal but by mistake XTALO is connected to ground inside my board.


So I searched to know whether it will affect powering up my board or not then I found in the Hardware Development Guide for IMX6Q document that

" Without a properly running clock, the i.MX6 will not function properly. "


I wanted to know if it will be a problem if the XTALO is connected to the ground. I also wanted to know whether this will affect powering up the IMX6Q or I could not use the 24 crystal in powering it up.


Thanks in advance



Best Regards
Ali Elseddeek