Preetu Abraham

.s19 and .sx file difference in Code Warrior 10.6.x

Discussion created by Preetu Abraham on Jul 11, 2016
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I would lke to know what is the exact difference for .s19 and .sx files difference

In one of the project which I am working,only(.sx) file got generated based on settings given "Generate Sx record".I was able to test using this image file


But when I created a new project for the same code with few updates , using the same settings ,the output files generated were .sx file and .abs.s19 file (with less size).I am not sure whether it is because of any other setting in Code Warriror 10.6.x ,Whether I have to use the .sx file only for testing like the one which I used for the previous project .There are minor differences only between .sx file and .abs.s19 file