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iMX6UL, MfgTool and kernel 4.6

Question asked by Jiri Luznicky on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Jiri Luznicky


we're trying to move to Linux kernel 4.6. It was easy job. Despite one thing. We also need this kernel to work with mfg tool. But we're not able to make it work.


We have enabled/set (relevant to usb gadget):

-  Device Drivers/USB/EHCI HCD/Support for Freescale i.MX on-chip EHCI

- DD/USB/USB Mass Storage Support

- DD/USB/ChipIdea Highspeed Dual Role Controller/ChipIdea device controller

- DD/USB/USB Gadget Support/Mass Storage Gadget

-DD/SCSI/SCSI disk support


In Windows, with this configuration, we got the "USB Mass Storage Device" and "Linux File-Stor Gadget USB Device" to appear.

But the Linux uuc util is stuck in "Waiting for device to appear", although in MfgTool all actions are run through really fast with status OK, but nothing is done on device.

We can also spot in dmesg (for a lot of commands, not only for READ CAPACITY):


[    0.000000] SCSI CDB: 25 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

[    0.000000] g_mass_storage gadget: SCSI command: READ CAPACITY;  Dc=10, Di=8;

  Hc=10, Hi=8


So, I would like to ask, if at least somebody knows what to enable in kernel (even in older one), or better know what makes this to happen in newer kernels.


Thanks in advance

Jiri Luznicky