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IMX6 SDK - Incorrect AIPSTZ macros

Question asked by Kevin Jones on Jul 11, 2016



Working on the IMX6 using the SDK I noticed that the AIPSTZ macros defined in regsaipstz.h were incorrect.


The base addresses for AIPSTZ 1 and 2 are defined as the following:


#define REGS_AIPSTZ1_BASE (0x02000000) //!< Base address for AIPSTZ instance number 1.

#define REGS_AIPSTZ2_BASE (0x02100000) //!< Base address for AIPSTZ instance number 2.


This is the base address for the AIPSTZ but regsaipstz.h treats them like they are the base address for AIPS-1 and AIPS-2 configuration, which is 0x0207C000 and 0x0217C000 respectively. Because of this, the macros do not work.


Would it be possible to get a corrected version of the SDK?




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