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No Console for BSP Recipe

Question asked by Paul DeMetrotion on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by jimmychan

I have generated a new recipe for a custom i.MX6 board based on the Freescale core-image-sato recipe. The recipe is below. When the system boots, I get the four penguins and the Yocto progress bar, but never get the console screen. Any ideas what I am missing that is preventing the console screen from being displayed? Thanks in advance.


New recipe:


DESCRIPTION = "Image with Sato, a mobile environment and visual style for \

mobile devices. The image supports X11 with a Sato theme, Pimlico \

applications, and contains terminal, editor, and file manager."


IMAGE_FEATURES += "splash x11-base ssh-server-openssh hwcodecs"




inherit core-image extrausers



  alsa-utils-speakertest \

  alsa-utils-aplay \

  mplayer2 \

  psplash \

  xserver-nodm-init \

  rsync \

  udev-automountconf \

  nano \

  alsa-state \

  xcursor-transparent-theme \

  unzip \

  x11vnc \

  gpio-setup-c398 \

  rs485-config \






        useradd -P bpguest -d /home/bpguest -s /bin/bash bpguest;"