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Bit compare using PTXD_PTAXX

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Jun 10, 2008
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Sorry if this is very obvious, but why cant I do this

Please note, this is just illistrating the exor compare, nothing more. Using S08 processors, 5.9.0 codewarrior.

if(PTAD_PTAD1 ^ PTAD_PTAD2) dothis();  //If both the same dothis()else dothis1();          //If one bit is different dothis1()

If i do somthing like this, it works (dont use the predefined PTAD_PTAD1 directly):

uchar Temp1, Temp2;if(PTAD_PTAD1) Temp1 = 1;else Temp1 = 0if(PTAD_PTAD2) Temp2 = 1;else Temp2 = 0if(Temp1 ^ Temp2) dothis();else dothis1();

I am guessing its due to the way the PTAD_PTAD1 is setup in the header files? Whats the best way to do this without it getting so ugly?

Again, sorry if this is a simple lesson that I should already know.


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