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iMX6 input RGMII clocks in the MCIMX6SX SDB

Question asked by Vadim Aleynikov on Jul 9, 2016
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Answers in many threads explicitly state that the ENET_REF_CLK iMX6 input must be driven by a 125MHz external source. But MCIMX6SX SDB schematics show C346 and R134 as "DNP", so the ENET1_TX_CLK (#A7) pin isn't connected.


1. Are the MCIMX6SX SDB schematics correct? Are C346 and R134 are populated? Or the  ENET1_TX_CLK  pin is connected to a 125MHz source in another way.


2. If every used RGMII use its own (separate) ENET_REF_CLK input or they can share one iMX6 input?

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