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i.MX 6QuadPlus Processor

Question asked by Maurice Di Dio on Jul 8, 2016
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Hi guys,

I'm a virgin to this so I hope someone will direct me on the write path.

my project is as followers:



I’m looking for same guidance in helping me to transform a classic 1973 Fiat 124CC into a modern almost futuristic car.



What I would like to achieve is a full Digital virtual cockpit, from the cluster to infotainment including Sat Nav, external cameras and sensors.





Also, I will be looking to integrated thing as I go along as ABS, cruise control, climate control, electric adjustable steering shaft/column, and so on.




Please forgive me for my ignorance, as this is all new to me so I may sound quite silly in this post.


I’m thinking of using the Lite Max SSD1916-A LCD (or equivalent if you have recommendations)  touch screen for the cluster and some applications. I will fit an additional LCD touch screen to control additional application such Sat Nav, Climate control, cell phone or radio functions, as I have about 21 1/2 inches of width X 4 inches in hight Ii can fill.



As I understand, it is possible to integrate Sat Nav, wifi connectivity. bluetooth, radio and cell phone capabilities, as add ons to the motherboards, is that correct?

If this is the case, do I start with a Sabre evolution kit Or similar?

The fiat's 124cc speedo is cable driven and all the other sensors such as engine temp oil pressure and fuel are electrical.

Is it easier to change these sensors and speedo sensor to a digital type sensors if available, or is it easier to just use I/o input? If so which one?

My number of sensors besides the basic engine management system (i.e temp, water oil and rev causes ) I’m not sure what the total number of sensors and other inputs I will be needing, I suppose it will all depend on the products I will use (any help on this would be gratefully appreciated as well).





What I would love to achieve as an outcome, is to use camera’s, sensors, and so on (probably not to the full extend as on the video link below) that would provide, similar results as what has been used on the Maserati,<>



I would also require assistance on which cameras will I need to be using,


This is a one off at this point.


I hope the you are able to suggest the products that I would need to accomplish this from start to finish using  i.MX 6QuadPlus Processor.





I hope that the information I have provided is sufficient to helps get more of an idea of what I will require.



Maurice Di Dio