Mark Butcher

High Speed RNDIS and CDC composite (?)

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jul 9, 2016

Hi All


I am wondering whether anyone has used RNDIS + CDC composite on a K61 or K70's HS USB interface?

The issue that I have is that I can do this on any FS USB interface since they have 16 endpoints but the K61/K70's HS USB has just 4 and this configuration essentilly needs 5:

- Endpoint 0 - control

- Endpoint 1 - RNDIS bulk IN/OUT

- Endpoint 2 - RNDIS interrupt

- Endpoint 3 - CDC bulk IN/OUT

- Endpoint 4 - CDC interrupt


In fact the CDC interrupt endpoint is not used in practice but I don't know whether there is any way to configure so that it is not needed to satisfy the host or whether there is some other trick to get around this.

Any ideas (without having to move to K66 with 8 HS endpoints)???