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i.MX6 does not boot from eMMC

Question asked by Nikita Divakov on Jul 8, 2016

Hi All.


I have a problem with boot from eMMC. U-Boot not start from internal eMMC memory, that connect to usdhc interface (SD4).


I read iMX6 reference manual and by table 5-8 configure eFUSEs as:

BOOT_CFG1[7:5] = 011 (Boot device select = MMC/eMMC);

BOOT_CFG1[3] = 1 (SD/MMC Speed = Normal);

BOOT_CFG2 [7:5] = 010 (Bus Width = 8-bit);

BOOT_CFG2[4:3] = 11 (Port Select = uSDHC4);

BT_FUSE_SEL[0x460 bit 4] = 1.


Programmed efuse config:

450[31:0]  0x00005868  (fuse bank 0 word 5 in uboot);

460[31:0]  0x00000010  (fuse bank 0 word 6 in uboot).


I can start u-boot.imx if download it from USB_OTG in "Serial Downloader" boot mode.

Using a u-boot I write image u-boot.imx (with IVT table) in eMMC memory from block 0x2 (0x400 bytes offset). After that  i am select "Boot From Fuses" boot mode and u-boot not load.


Please help me to solve this problem if I have not messed up yet.

Thank you!


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