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K60 Flextimer Interrupt

Discussion created by Dao Yan Lim on Jul 7, 2016
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I am using TWR-K60N512, with PK60DN512Z VMD10 chip. I'm trying to use the interrupt to update FTM0_C0V value when the FTM0 timer overflows but my program keeps getting suspended.


I have enabled the interrupt vector for FTM0, by adding this line "enable_irq(62);" in the main code. The interrupt vector assignment was found from Chapter 3 in the K60P144M100SF2RM reference manual. I have also enabled timer over flow interrupt 'FTM0_SC |= FTM_SC_TOIE_MASK;' .


This is what my ISR.h looks like:


#ifndef __ISR_H

#define __ISR_H 1


#undef  VECTOR_78

#define VECTOR_78 FTM0_isr


// ISR(s) are defined in your project directory.

extern void FTM0_isr(void);


#endif  //__ISR_H



This is what my interrupt function looks like, it is in the main source code. I have declared the function prototype in the main code too:


void FTM0_isr(void)


  static unsigned short brightness = 0;

  static bool increase = true;

  if (FTM0_SC & 0x80) // if FTM counter exceeds MOD count.


  if (brightness == 60000)


   increase = false;


   else if (brightness == 0)


   increase = true;











  FTM0_SC &= 0x7F; // clear TOF flag

  FTM0_C0V = brightness;





My program was suspended whenever I run it and points to the following function in 'kinetis_sysinti.c' :

void isr_default(void)



  /* Write your interrupt code here ... */



Any idea how to troubleshoot this?