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MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTests failing with CTS 5.1_r7 release

Question asked by Stephen Miskovetz on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Stephen Miskovetz
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Our platform which is based off the SabreSD imx6q reference platform started failing these 6 CTS tests with the release of CTS version 5.1_r7 (currently Google is on version 5.1_r8 for Lollipop 5.1):


Our release is based upon the first SabreSD IMX6_L5.1.1_2.0.0 GA (LMY47V). Both IMX6_L5.1.1_2.0.0 and IMX6_L5.1.1_2.1.0 GAs fail these CTS tests on the SabreSD reference board.


The first M release on the SabreSD reference board also fails these tests in the MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTest package (IMX6_M6.0.1_1.0.0). The second release (IMX6_M6.0.1_2.0.0 from June 23, 2016) passes these tests. It looks like much of NXP's SoC/device specific code has been heavily patched/changed between these two releases.


We are looking for a solution for Lollipop, preferably on IMX6_L5.1.1_2.0.0, that passes CTS version 5.1_r8 specifically all the MediaPlayerFlakyNetworkTests.