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CW 10.6 for MPC5675K Crash

Question asked by he xiaobo on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by Martin Kovar

I use the CW 10.6 to create the sample test for MPC5675K, And use the develop board mpc5675kevb473 to test.

I creat some fllow project :     MPC5675K LSM RAM;

     MPC5675K LSM FLASH;

     MPC5675K DPM RAM;

     MPC5675K DPM FLASH;

Only the last "MPC5675K DPM FLASH" can work.。

In the other case, it crash before the main function。

I have not add any line to the gen sources。


I don't know why, some one can give a little advise。

Thanks very much。