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I.MX6 VPU Encoding Features

Question asked by Gunasekaran Srininvasan on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Gunasekaran Srininvasan

We are evaluating i.mx6 VPU for encoding to H.264 from camera image stream.


As I am totally new to stream encoding in i.MX6, I am struck in choosing sensor. I am I have some doubts on that front.


1. What is the maximum resolution supported by VPU for H.264 encoding?

2. What is the maximum frame rate supported at maximum resolution for H.264 encoding?

3. What are input color space supported by VPU for H.264 encoding?

4. If you have less resolution say 640*480 pixels, can we get more frame rate compared to 1920*1080 pixels for H.264 encoding?

5. Is frame rate is limited by bit rate?

6. Is it possible to route stream from IPU to VPU for encoding?