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ls1043ardb use sdk2.0 can't recognized nor flash in kernel

Question asked by misaka mikoto on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by misaka mikoto

Hi  I use sdk0.4 0.5 before and everything is ok,but now I have to change sdk to v2.0,when I have ported uboot and kernel code,I found the nor flash can't be recognized in kernel showing the message below

[    1.163198] of-flash 60000000.nor: do_map_probe() failed for type cfi_probe

[    1.170224] of-flash 60000000.nor: do_map_probe() failed

and I found it fail at cfi_qry_mode_on in cfi_probe.c  I'm so confused with this.Did someone meet this before?

Can you show some opinions?