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i2c LPC11C24 Stuck in Busy Line

Question asked by mtm on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by danielholala

Hi all,


I would really appreciate any comments/thoughs about this:


I`m using a PLC11C24 Dev Board for an i2c communication program.


However my setup seems to get stuck here:


Seems that the line stays busy. Osciloscope shows a falling edge on SCA as well as on SCL, when I use debugging mode.

I also get a State 0X68

Attached is my complete main file for your refence.


Also my hardware setup is just 2 pull up resistors on SCA on SCL, no slave device. I'm assuming I should see a Start Pulse + Slave Address + R/W bit and no ACK return bit (since there is no slave device). But this is not happening.


I appreciate any help on this.



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