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Deadtime insertion on FTM2 with FRDM-KE06Z

Question asked by Bruno Tremblay on Jul 6, 2016
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I'm trying to the FTM2 channels 0 to 3 to generate Phase-shift PWM signal with the FRMD-KE06Z board as explained in the appnote "AN5142 Features of the FlexTimer Module" in the section 3.4. For generating Phase-shift signals there is no problem. It's easy to change the amount of phase-shift. However, I don't see any deadtime between the complementary channels CH0 and CH1 or CH2 and CH3. The only changes I made from AN5142 is using SIM_SCGC instead of SIM_SCGC6 to enable FTM2 module clock and changing FTM0_ for FTM2_.


I tried to change the value in the FTM2_DEADTIME register, but at the scope screen's there's no deadtime.


Here is the values of the registers:

SIM_SCGC          0x00003080

FTM2_SC             0x00000010

FTM2_MOD          0x000003E8

FTM2_C0SC         0x00000008

FTM2_C0V            0x0000000A

FTM2_C1SC         0x00000008

FTM2_C1V            0x000001FE

FTM2_C2SC         0x00000008

FTM2_C2V            0x000000FA

FTM2_C3SC         0x00000008

FTM2_C3V            0x000002EE

FTM2_MODE        0x00000005

FTM2_COMBINE  0x00001313

FTM2_DEADTIME 0x0000001E


Any suggestions?


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