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How to read/write  "Program Once Filed" segment of flash in Kinetis KL26z256 controller?

Question asked by Harsh Patel on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Harsh Patel

Hello Everyone


I want to read 64 byte "Program Once field" segment of flash in kl26z256xxx4 controller.  I have taken reference of demo example in KSDK library (\KSDK_1.3.0\examples\frdmkl26z\driver_examples\flash\kds). In this demo code there is a function :

uint32_t FlashReadOnce(PFLASH_SSD_CONFIG pSSDConfig,uint8_t recordIndex, uint8_t* pDataArray, uint32_t size, pFLASHCOMMANDSEQUENCE pFlashCommandSequence) in SSD_FTFx.h.


I want to know more about last parameter pFLASHCOMMANDSEQUENCE pFlashCommandSequence.

In demo code this parameter is caculated as follows:

pFlashCommandSequence= (pFLASHCOMMANDSEQUENCE)RelocateFunction((uint32_t)ramFunc , LAUNCH_CMD_SIZE ,(uint32_t)FlashCommandSequence);


So can i use it directly in flashReadOnce function as a last parameter?


Thank you

waiting for your valuable inputs...