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NCI version mismatch

Question asked by Steve Schefter on Jul 5, 2016
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Our board has a PN7120 NFC controller on it.  I'm using Qualcomm's Android (Marshmallow on an 820) including vendor/nxp/opensource/external/libnfc-nci.


When using an NFC application, the library receives a reset notification from the chip.  The reset indicates that the chip supports NCI version 0.  However, the library supports only NCI version src/include/nfc_target.h, the only two versions supported are 0x0F and 0x10 (defaults to 0x10).  This causes the NFC stack to fail to start:


     NxpTml  : PN54X - I2C Read successful.....

     NxpNciR : len =   9 > 600006A000C7D40000

     NxpTml  : PN54X - Posting read message.....

     NxpHal  : read successful status = 0x0

     NxpHal  : CORE_RESET_NTF received!

     NxpHal  : phNxpNciHal_emergency_recovery: abort()

     NfcAdaptation: NfcAdaptation::HalDeviceContextDataCallback: len=9

     BrcmNfcNfa: NFC received ntf gid:0

     BrcmNfcNfa: nci_proc_core_ntf opcode:0x0

     BrcmNfcNfa: reset notification!!:0xa0

     BrcmNfcNfa: NCI version mismatch!!:0x10 != 0x00

     BrcmNfcNfa: NFCC version is too old

     BrcmNfcNfa: Failed to reset NFCC


The application note describes how to use the PN7120 with Android.  It specifies as the source for the library.  Although it differs somewhat from libnfc-nci included in the Qualcomm Android BSP, it too supports NCI version 0x0F and 0x10.


Can anyone explain why the chip version seems old?