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How to calculate the ADC Clock?

Question asked by Adriano Casimiro on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Adriano Casimiro

Hello, I'm trying use ADC at FRDM-K22F, it's working, but I didn't get success on calculate the ADC clock. I'm using for calculate the ADC clock, but the result the calculator don't is equal at result of conversion.


I'm setting my ADC clock this way:


    adcUserConfig.resolution = kAdc16ResolutionBitOf16;

    adcUserConfig.highSpeedEnable = false;  

    adcUserConfig.clkSrc = kAdc16ClkSrcOfBusClk;

    adcUserConfig.lowPowerEnable = false;

    adcUserConfig.asyncClkEnable = false;

    adcUserConfig.longSampleTimeEnable = false;

    adcUserConfig.longSampleCycleMode = kAdc16LongSampleCycleOf24;

    adcUserConfig.clkDividerMode = kAdc16ClkDividerOf8;  


    ADC16_DRV_Init(ADC16_INSTANCE, &adcUserConfig);



What's the result of ADC clock for this example?