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Is there a MPC5748G Header file available newer than _401.h

Question asked by Gonzalo Victorio on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by Aleksandar Vinchev

For the MPC5748G MCU I have the header file MPC5748G_401.h but I've noticed that it does not include the register: PLL Calibration Register 1 (PLLDIG_PLLCAL1)


I have manually added it myself according to Rev 4 of the reference manual but I wonder if there are any other issues that I'm not aware of.


Can somebody from NXP/Freescale provide an updated header file (or point to where they are published)?

(I read in another post that somebody was provided with a version 5.xx but the header file had some issues so it seems like it was removed from the discussion because of that but I'm hoping that there's an update by now)