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DPAA1 Sample Code for Interfacing the Linux Network Stack with a DPAA Port.

Question asked by Ram Krishnan on Jul 4, 2016

I was wondering if there is any sample code out there to interface the Linux Interface stack with the the USDPAA port. I have an application wherein I switch mpls traffic using the offload and forwarding traffic directly using the FQID's and the buffer pointers. But I would like the IP traffic to be terminated in the Linux Network stack. I can do that on the ingress side using TUN/TAP interfaces but I have not been successful on the egress side in sending the traffic out.


Could you point me to some sample code for the Device tree and USDPAA samples to send out traffic towards a port that is DPAA enabled. I am running this application on the T1024 in a serdes 0x99 mode. I looked at the "Relationship to SDK Linux Ethernet Subsystem" in the QorIQ SDK 2.0 Documentation under the USDPAA section and I am interested in mode 3.


Thank you,

Ram Krishnan