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KBOOT to download code to QSPI

Question asked by Fred Fu Employee on Jul 3, 2016
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I have a question of below flow chart(at page 4 of Kinetis Bootloader QuadSPI User’s Guide.pdf), KBOOT will check QCB at 0x68000000, if yes, then will configure QuadSPI using QCB from base address of QSPI(0X68000000). In TWR-K80F150M, I try to run the process according to the pdf file, I found MCU would enter to ROM BOOT and can’t run application in QSPI FLASH. I checked the TWR, then connected pin2-3 in J21, and pressed RESET button and Power-on, then release RESET button, MCU will run application in QSPI. I think there is implied condition QSPI must be ready before MCU start to run,right? Thanks.


qspi boot.png


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