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CTS Failed on i.MX6Q-SD Android M6.0.1_1.0.0:

Question asked by Stone Hsu on Jul 3, 2016



I have a question in CTS test.

I use I.MX6 SABRE Platform for Smart Devices(i.MX6Q) with Demo Images - SABRE Platform and SABRE Board based on i.MX 6Quad.

And run the package of by android-cts-6.0_r7.


This is my report:

testAppsfailjava.lang.AssertionError: Devices that claim to support adoptable storage must have adoptable media inserted during CTS to verify correct behavior at


I had checked the CTS Test Report for i.MX6Q_SD Android M6.0.1_1.0.0 Release.

And I didn't find any details about  this CTS failed.

Can any one help me to fix this failure or any suggestion?

My test report and log is included in the attachment.


Thanks in advance.


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