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UART Boot Loader Design - AN4767 & AN4767SW

Question asked by Jenia Brook on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Huy Nguyen

Hello all,

Eventually I decided to follow up "UART Boot Loader Design on Kentis E Series" document.

I have KE06Z128. I've downloaded AN4767SW and integrated it in KDS and configured UART for communication.

Also downloaded AN2295 PC side host GUI for tools to decode the  s19 file and transfer the application code to target MCU by UART interface.

When I run with debugger and connect to the AN2295 GUI, it communicates and get the IDENT info:


But when I'm trying to 'Erase' or 'Program' it fails:


my configurations from FC_protocol.h:



MyBlink.srec is just mine little program to test the serial boot loader, I've test it, work good.

What could be the problem?