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IMX6 - SPI read more than 64 bytes form device

Question asked by Rony Patel on Jul 3, 2016


we are using IMX6 SOM with Debian  Linux version  3.10.101-imx6,

where SPI device (ATMEL AT86RF233) is connected to.

We have encountered a problem while reading from the device more than 64 bytes via SPI.

Reading data of less or equals 64 bytes works fine.


The SPI reading process is as follows:

  1. Interrupt function is invoked from SPI device via dedicated GPIO line.
  2. The interrupt function performs asynchronous SPI read in the following order:

     - prepare spi_message and spi_transfer structures and fill them with relevant data: spi_device , data tx, transfer       len , complete handler , …

    3.     The read itself  is done by calling spi_async function

    4.     The completion handler function is called and prints the read message, but trying to read more than 64             bytes in one SPI transaction causes the read data to be corrupted.


Do you have any idea for this behavior ?

Is there any limitations for

Is there (in Linux) any definition for the max size to be read via the SPI ?



Rony Patel

SCR Dairy