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About UART communication error by using SDMA in i.MX6SDL.

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Dear All,


Hello. My customer is testing the UART communication by using SDMA script (uart_2_mcu) on their custom board.

BSP: Linux 3.14.28


Case.1 : HIMASK bit = 1 in SDMAARM_INTRMASK register

- The UART communication error occurred.

- The CHNERR bit = 1 in SDMAARM_EVTERR register.


Case.2 :  HIMASK bit = 0 in SDMAARM_INTRMASK register (<-- Linux BSP default setting)

- The UART can communicate correctly!

- The CHNERR bit = 1 in SDMAARM_EVTERR register.



Why is "1" set in CHNERR bit of the SDMAARM_EVTERR register on the channel which used by UART communication (uart_2_mcu script)?

What cause does it notify an error?

Linux BSP set the masked for all channels by default. Is it possible to mask the channel error?

(We worried about whether or not it may mask the error.)


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