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32 bit counter using Flex Timer Module

Question asked by Pavan Meharwade on Jul 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2016 by Pavan Meharwade

Hi. I am trying to obtain a 32 bit counter using two 16 bit counters of the Flex Timer embedded in the LS1021a module. I read the reference manual for LS1021a and found that it is possible to chain two FlexTimer modules to get a bigger 32-bit counter. The steps to chain two FlexTimer modules are as follows:

1) CH7 is internally connected for chaining functionality.

2) Connecting CH7 output of FlexTimer-B to PHA input of FlexTimer-A.

3) Tieing PHB input of FlexTimer-A to one.

4) Programming FlexTimer-A to be in quad-mode.

Can anyone please let me know the exact register values (or the register field values) required to accomplish the task. Thank you in advance