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ZBPro Application Template can't join network

Question asked by Clifford Simon on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Clifford Simon

I have programmed a JN1569 development module with the firmware image for a Sleeping End Device. I intend to measure current through the module, during asleep and awake states. I expect the Sleeping End Device to join a network, so that I measure its current during normal network activity (not, e.g., while channel scanning).


For the network coordinator, I am using the "green sticker" OM15020 dongle, with TestGUI on a PC. This TestGUI allows me to start a network from the PC, and tells me when a device joins the network.


My problem is that my module does not join the network. However, when the same board is flashed with a firmware image for a Home Automation device, such as a DimmableColorLight, it does join the network. But I cannot perform the desired measurement with a DimmableColorLight.


Why does the Sleeping End Device fail to join my network?


These are the exact parts I am using:

EK004 evaluation kit

AN1184_ZBP_SleepingEndDevice_JN1569.bin (firmware image file, programmed onto a module on EK004's carrier board - it's the binary file directly out of the box, I have not recompiled it).