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imx6Q - change ddr3

Question asked by nice hsieh on Jul 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Hi everyone,


Our custom imx6Q board all functions/components are workable.(The ddr use MT41K128M16*4)

Now, we want to use MT41K256M16(DDR3-1866) instead of MT41K128M16 that imx6Q use it on demo board.

The ram size upgraded from 1GB to 2GB. (MT41K256M16*4)


We referenced and


As we used GUI_DDR_TEST_TOOL v2.5.2 or DDR_STRESS_TESTER v1.0.3 to test MT41K256M16, we got some problem as below



We are receiving an error message - " Failed to send calibration command".

But, we used GUI_DDR_TEST_TOOL v2.5.2 to test MT41K128M16 on our custom board, it was successful.



Here is our setting parameter for MT41K256M16 (Memory type: DDR3-1866)


About MT41K256M16 parameter is as below. (256Meg x 16)





We also tried to use DDR_STRESS_TESTER v1.0.3, but it doesn't work either.



Could you can give me some advice?